Aims & Values

We want to share the school's aims and values with you, please read the information below:

At Strathmore every child is important and in our school we value:


  • A close partnership with pupils, parents and the wider community
  • Individuality and developing the potential of children and adults alike
  • Our multi-cultural community and the opportunities it affords for appreciation of the similarities and differences in others
  • High standards of achievement in all aspects of school life
  • The ability to communicate effectively
  • Diversity and an ethos of equal opportunities enabling everyone to participate in and contribute fully to the life and work of the school
  • A knowledgeable, informed and engaged Governing body working together with staff to raise standards


Therefore we:


  • Create a stimulating learning environment appropriate to the needs of young children, that is happy, secure and caring
  • Promote our ethos of celebrating diversity and equality of access
  • Celebrate each child’s achievements
  • Promote high standards of behaviour which encourages self-discipline
  • Develop sensitivity and mutual respect for other people
  • Equip each child with the knowledge, skills and concepts needed for their future
  • Provide support for those in our community with additional needs
  • Enable children to grow in confidence and with high self-esteem
  • Offer training opportunities for staff to encourage professional development
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