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Reception Ash

Hello and welcome to Ash class web page.

In our classroom, you will find


   Mrs Mountney

Miss Smith

  Mrs Mulcahy

   Mrs Ali-Shah


If you have any questions please feel free to speak to a member of staff at the beginning or end of the day.

In Ash class our P.E lessons are on a Thursday morning and a Friday afternoon. Please ensure P.E kits are in school on these days and all items are clearly labelled.


We use the outside area as our second classroom so please make sure the children bring suitable clothing as they will be outside whatever the weather. If possible please leave wellies (named) in school as we have a digging area, water wall and mud kitchen that the children have daily access to.

What we are learning: 24.9.18


The children had lots of fun at our teddy bear picnic and it was really lovely to see so many of their favourite soft animals. They worked really hard to make their own honey, jam or spread sandwiches and enjoyed eating them with the children from Elm and Pine class. We also made name labels for our bears using a special heart or butterfly-shaped cutter to make the hole for the string and read them a story.


This week in phonics we will also be introducing the children to the sounds: s a t i. The children will be taught how to write each letter and how to identify them in words. The children will also be using their robot hands to orally segment and blend words independently. When the children are reading their books to you or you are out and about point out the letters we are learning and ask the children to tell you the sounds they make.


Please ensure that children are heard read as often as possible and their reading record books are signed and placed in the corresponding basket every morning and the reading book is placed in their drawer.


In Maths the children will be taking a visit to Number land! They will need to go across a number lane to enter this magical world and when they get there they will discover numbered houses and gardens to match! Why not ask your child to tell you all about it. The children will also be discovering how to count and match the correct number of doors and windows for each house.


We will also be going on an autumn walk looking for and collecting signs of autumn. We would like the children to bring in anything autumn related that they find on their way to school or over the weekend.


There is a parents workshop on Tuesday 25th 9.10 for Ash, Elm and Pine class parents to discuss how the children have settled, reading books, the wow wall and the characteristics of effective learning.


Many thanks for your continued support. If you have any questions please speak to a member of staff.


The challenges for the following tables are:


-maths table: investigating Numicon

-finger gym: rainbow pom poms

-story table: Leaf Man

Teddy Bear Picnic

Teddy Bear Picnic 1 Cutting ears for our bear hats.
Teddy Bear Picnic 2
Teddy Bear Picnic 3 Making sandwiches for the picnic.
Teddy Bear Picnic 4
Teddy Bear Picnic 5 We used honey,
Teddy Bear Picnic 6
Teddy Bear Picnic 7 jam,
Teddy Bear Picnic 8
Teddy Bear Picnic 9
Teddy Bear Picnic 10 or spread.
Teddy Bear Picnic 11
Teddy Bear Picnic 12
Teddy Bear Picnic 13
Teddy Bear Picnic 14
Teddy Bear Picnic 15
Teddy Bear Picnic 16
Teddy Bear Picnic 17
Teddy Bear Picnic 18
Teddy Bear Picnic 19
Teddy Bear Picnic 20
Teddy Bear Picnic 21
Teddy Bear Picnic 22 We look amazing in our bear hats.
Teddy Bear Picnic 23
Teddy Bear Picnic 24 Off for a picnic.
Teddy Bear Picnic 25
Teddy Bear Picnic 26
Teddy Bear Picnic 27
Teddy Bear Picnic 28
Teddy Bear Picnic 29
Teddy Bear Picnic 30
Teddy Bear Picnic 31
Teddy Bear Picnic 32
Teddy Bear Picnic 33
Teddy Bear Picnic 34
Teddy Bear Picnic 35
Teddy Bear Picnic 36
Teddy Bear Picnic 37
Teddy Bear Picnic 38
Teddy Bear Picnic 39
Teddy Bear Picnic 40
Teddy Bear Picnic 41
Teddy Bear Picnic 42
Teddy Bear Picnic 43
Teddy Bear Picnic 44
Teddy Bear Picnic 45
Teddy Bear Picnic 46 Our sandwiches were delicious.
Teddy Bear Picnic 47
Teddy Bear Picnic 48
Teddy Bear Picnic 49
Teddy Bear Picnic 50
Teddy Bear Picnic 51
Teddy Bear Picnic 52 Having a picnic with our friends.
Teddy Bear Picnic 53
Teddy Bear Picnic 54
Teddy Bear Picnic 55

This week we ...

This week we ... 1 painted portraits of ourselves,
This week we ... 2
This week we ... 3
This week we ... 4
This week we ... 5
This week we ... 6
This week we ... 7
This week we ... 8
This week we ... 9
This week we ... 10
This week we ... 11
This week we ... 12
This week we ... 13
This week we ... 14
This week we ... 15
This week we ... 16
This week we ... 17
This week we ... 18
This week we ... 19
This week we ... 20
This week we ... 21
This week we ... 22 visited the maths challenge,
This week we ... 23
This week we ... 24
This week we ... 25 matched amounts to numerals
This week we ... 26
This week we ... 27
This week we ... 28
This week we ... 29 built towers,
This week we ... 30 a dinosaur island with a volcano,
This week we ... 31
This week we ... 32 visited the finger gym,
This week we ... 33
This week we ... 34 drew pictures
This week we ... 35 and washed dolls.
This week we ... 36
This week we ... 37

Number Walk

Number Walk 1 We went on a number hunt around school.
Number Walk 2 We found lots on the playground.
Number Walk 3 There were lots of shapes too!
Number Walk 4
Number Walk 5
Number Walk 6
Number Walk 7 We counted backwards from 20 down
Number Walk 8 the number path.
Number Walk 9
Number Walk 10 We found numbers that were 1 more
Number Walk 11 than a given number.
Number Walk 12 We even found some letters!
Number Walk 13
Number Walk 14
Number Walk 15 "Look at these numbers!"
Number Walk 16
Number Walk 17
Number Walk 18 We spotted lots of numbers
Number Walk 19 on the Numberland pathway.
Number Walk 20

Finger Gym Challenge

Finger Gym Challenge 1
Finger Gym Challenge 2
Finger Gym Challenge 3
Finger Gym Challenge 4
Finger Gym Challenge 5
Finger Gym Challenge 6
Finger Gym Challenge 7
Finger Gym Challenge 8
Finger Gym Challenge 9
Finger Gym Challenge 10
Finger Gym Challenge 11

Our learning- 17.9.18


The children have all enjoyed their first few weeks at school and have been very busy, trying new activities and making new friends. Some of the activities we have been exploring include using natural materials to make a picture of our faces, painting, using playdough, fishing for numbers and making a giant ball run. Please have a look at the photographs of our learning, below.


This week we will be continuing with our ‘all about me’ topic. The children will be painting portraits of themselves and we will be naming different facial features and exploring colouring mixing.


We will also be going on a number walk around school to see how many different numbers we can spot and recognise. Why not see how many numbers your child can spot when you are out and about at the weekend or on your way to school?


As part of our class circle time sessions we have been discussing people and objects that are special to us and as part of this work we would like the children to bring in a bear or a soft toy on Friday 21st September. The children will be writing a label for their bear and drawing or painting a picture of it. We will also be making sandwiches in the morning and all 3 reception classes will be having a joint picnic in the afternoon.


Please speak to a member of staff if you have any questions.


Thank you for your continued support.



The challenges for the following tables are:


-maths table: identifying the correct number on the flowers and dinosaur footprints and clipping on the correct number of pegs

-finger gym: using a range of natural materials to make a pattern

-story table: Peace at Last


The children now have a 'mini me' each, on both the finger gym and maths challenge tables. When they have completed the challenge they need to find their 'mini me' and place it in the basket to show the adults in the class that they have completed the challenge. They will need to do this daily.

Outdoor Learning

Outdoor Learning 1 working together
Outdoor Learning 2
Outdoor Learning 3
Outdoor Learning 4 Would you like to buy an ice-cream?
Outdoor Learning 5
Outdoor Learning 6 Off for a drive
Outdoor Learning 7 with a friend.
Outdoor Learning 8 "Oh no, the house is on fire."
Outdoor Learning 9 "It's ok I've put it out."
Outdoor Learning 10
Outdoor Learning 11
Outdoor Learning 12
Outdoor Learning 13
Outdoor Learning 14
Outdoor Learning 15
Outdoor Learning 16
Outdoor Learning 17
Outdoor Learning 18 Putting cement between the bricks.
Outdoor Learning 19
Outdoor Learning 20 persevering
Outdoor Learning 21
Outdoor Learning 22
Outdoor Learning 23 Should I be a princess,
Outdoor Learning 24 a shark,
Outdoor Learning 25 or a cat?
Outdoor Learning 26
Outdoor Learning 27 "Off to the shops in my new shoes!"
Outdoor Learning 28
Outdoor Learning 29
Outdoor Learning 30 Making dinner in the mud kitchen.
Outdoor Learning 31
Outdoor Learning 32
Outdoor Learning 33
Outdoor Learning 34 "Do you think it is ready?"
Outdoor Learning 35 "5 more minutes I think!"
Outdoor Learning 36 "Would you like a cup of tea?"
Outdoor Learning 37
Outdoor Learning 38
Outdoor Learning 39
Outdoor Learning 40
Outdoor Learning 41
Outdoor Learning 42
Outdoor Learning 43
Outdoor Learning 44 A quiet moment,
Outdoor Learning 45 followed by some music.
Outdoor Learning 46
Outdoor Learning 47
Outdoor Learning 48
Outdoor Learning 49
Outdoor Learning 50

Our Learning

Our Learning 1 Using play dough to make
Our Learning 2 a gingerbread man
Our Learning 3 and his wife.
Our Learning 4 Investigating clay.
Our Learning 5 A cake with lots of cherries on top.
Our Learning 6
Our Learning 7
Our Learning 8
Our Learning 9 working together
Our Learning 10
Our Learning 11 counting
Our Learning 12 A house and the starry sky.


Portraits 1
Portraits 2
Portraits 3
Portraits 4
Portraits 5
Portraits 6
Portraits 7
Portraits 8
Portraits 9
Portraits 10
Portraits 11
Portraits 12
Portraits 13
Portraits 14
Portraits 15
Portraits 16
Portraits 17
Portraits 18
Portraits 19
Portraits 20
Portraits 21
Portraits 22
Portraits 23
Portraits 24
Portraits 25
Portraits 26