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Year 1 Hazel

Welcome to Hazel Class

Staff in our class: 

-Mrs Makinson

-Mrs Murphy (covers on a Wednesday)

-Miss Begum

Key dates: 

-Wellies needed in school all week (named)

-P.E is on a Monday and Thursday

-Year one workshop: Thursday 27th at 9am

-Homework and folder: due in every Wednesday


Forest School dates: 

-Thursday 27th September

-Thursday 11th October

-Thursday 25th October 

-Thursday 15th November

-Thursday 29th November

-Thursday 13th December

Children will need old clothes (legs and arms covered) in a carrier bag on these dates. Please ensure they have wellies and everything is named. 


Our new learning

This week we are learning: 

The children had a great week learning about trains. They absolutely loved the story 'Get off our train'. They were very persuasive when it came to writing their letters to tell us why their endangered animals should be allowed on the train. Did they tell you all about train driver Chloe sending them a video? 


This week we will be carrying on with our new topic transport. This week we will be learning all about bikes. We will be looking at a real bike and labelling all the different parts of it, we will also be going on a treasure hunt to find all the different parts of the bike hidden outside. The children will be looking at how the bike has changed through history (please see video below) and draw pictures of the different bikes and write sentences about this. The purpose behind this is to make a bike museum for all our parents to see at the parent workshop on Thursday. They will also be using their homework ideas to think of their very own bike of the future! 


The parent workshop will give you the opportunity to see what we are learning about this term and complete some different activities with your child. It will only last for one hour. 


Last week we were working hard to find one less and one more (the game we were playing is below). This week, our Maths work will continue to focus on counting in 2's. We will also be learning to read addition sentences and work out the answer by counting all together and counting on. 


In phonics we will be learning the following digraphs:

-ur and er

-ow and ou

-Tricky words: you

The children will learn about letter families and how different letters make the same sound. 

Challenge tables: 

Art table: draw the different type of bike each day using paint

Maths table: ordering in 2's

Science table: sorting pushes and pulls 


The Evolution Of The Bicycle

Subscribe to the Mpora channel Here - http://mpora.co/youtubechannel The bicycle is one of those things that's just as enjoyable to use as it is pragmatic, which is why it's endured the test of time so well. Of course, it's also managed to stay around because it's being constantly adapted and tweaked to make it for fit for purpose.