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Applications for Nursery in September 2020 closed on Friday, 13th March.  If you would like to make a late application, please contact the school office for advice, emails to

Nursery Admissions - September 2020

In recent times, the process for parents applying for a nursery place in the academic year the chilren turn 4, has changed.  There is no longer one central system for applying to local authority nurseries.  More recently, parents have been given the choice of using their free hours of nursery entitlement between private providers or local authority nurseries.  Parents now need to approach individual nurseries about applying for a place.  In order to make the process easier for parents, all the schools in the Hitchin area with a nursery class, have aligned their application timeline.  Although parents still need to apply to the nurseries individually, the process and time frame to do so is the same for all the settings.

The timeline below shows the application timeline for September 2020, and applies to all nurseries in the Hitchin area linked to mainstream schools.  Eligible children are those turning 4 between 01.09.20 and 31.08.21


Wednesday, 5th February 2020

Strathmore Nursery Open Day – open drop-in sessions between 2.00 & 4.00pm and 5.00 & 6.00pm

Monday 3rd February 2020

Applications open via school’s websites for Hitchin local authority nurseries linked to mainstream schools (online applications preferred).

Friday 13th March 2020

Applications close for Hitchin local authority nurseries linked to mainstream schools.

Friday 24th April 2020

Offers made to parents (via the same method as application was made).

Friday 1st May 2020

Deadline for parents to accept/reject places.

Continued interest offers will be made after this date.


All places are funded by County, have a qualified nursery teacher and provide the opportunity for children to experience being part of a school.

Reception entry - September 2020

The closing date for applications is 15th January 2020.  If you need to make a late application, please contract the admissions team at Herts County Council,

School Prospectus, 2020-21

Information on transition procedures can be found via the link to policies below.

Please read the information given below which gives details of our admission arrangements for the school.


Children are admitted into Nursery and School in accordance with the Hertfordshire County Council admission guidelines.  The published admissions number for September 2019 is 60 for Reception and 40 for Nursery. To accommodate a 'bulge' year, Year 1 in 2019/20 has an admissions number of 75 (over three classes).


Parents are sent admission information directly from the local authority during the year preceding entry to Nursery, and again in the year preceding entry into Reception.  These booklets give details of how to apply, the admissions policy, and the deadlines which must be met.


Nursery place applications are made during the Spring term, prior to entry and the admissions process is handled by the school.   All children of Nursery age start as a single intake in September - if parents wish to defer their child’s start until January this must be confirmed in writing so that the place may be held open.


In-year Nursery admissions are handled by the school - please contact the school office for availability.


Reception, i.e. full-time school entry, is also, currently, a single intake in September.   If you feel your child will not be ready for school at that time, places may be deferred until the start of the term during which s/he reaches compulsory school age.  Places must be applied for via the local authority admissions team, who will notify parents of their allocation.  Attendance at Strathmore Nursery does not affect admission into school,  a separate application must be made.


In-year infant applications, eg. for children moving into the area, must be made to the Hertfordshire County Council in-year admissions team who may be contacted on 0300 123 4043. 

Strathmore Pre-School - this is a separate provision and enquiries about places should be addressed to the Pre-School Leader, Diane Grazette.
Please see parents section for useful information and school closure section for home schooling planning