Aims & Values

Nurturing Brilliant, Resilient Minds
We want to share the school's aims and values with you, please see the information below:

Strathmore is an inclusive, welcoming school at the heart of a vibrant community, dedicated to fostering a great love of learning, so that each child feels confident to develop and achieve their amazing potential.

Our vision is to ensure that:

  • There is a culture of learning and discovery that is stimulating and enjoyable for children and adults
  • Pupils and staff are confident to try, to fail and to succeed
  • Staff deliver the curriculum with skill and enthusiasm, responding to children’s interests and abilities in a caring and positive environment
  • Parents are partners, helping to develop the whole child’s potential
  • A knowledgeable, informed and engaged Governing body work together with staff to raise standards
  • Our multi-cultural community and the opportunities it affords for appreciation of the similarities and differences in others is recognised and valued

When children leave Strathmore they will take with them:

  • Personal skills of confidence, resilience, perseverance, empathy, respect and security.
  • An understanding of how they learn and the desire to build on that learning.
  • Pride in themselves and their time at Strathmore