School Hours 

Reception - Year 28:45am-3:15pm

If your child is 5 minutes or more late an adult must sign them in via the school office.

It has been well researched that children who attend school regularly and arrive on time achieve better outcomes. At Strathmore we monitor attendance closely. We have a duty to make sure children on our roll are safe and well and have a policy in place to support us to do that. We understand that sometimes absence cannot be helped. Children can and do become poorly and there are times when the best place for a child is resting at home. We advise an absence of 48 hours for things like stomach bugs so children can recover properly and to reduce the risk of illness spreading around the school community.

The government says 'Good' attendance for children is 96% and above. If attendance slips below 90% the child is deemed a persistent absentee.

At Strathmore we aim for all our children to be HEROs!


Nursery Drop In Sessions for 2023 are now available! Click "about us - admissions - nursery" to find out more.