Helping Your Child

We recognise that you are your child’s first educator and we are keen to work in partnership with parents, sharing a greater understanding of the children’s needs and abilities.  Throughout their time with us, we value highly your contribution to your child’s first years at school.  We try to involve you as much as possible in the education of your child by:


  • Keeping you informed
  • Involving you in shared reading sessions
  • Welcoming you at all times into our school
  • Inviting you to concerts and assemblies
  • Asking you to help in school

Helping Your Child


Many of the best ways of helping your child are the things which many parents will already be doing, these include:


  • Talking to your child, and listening to them
  • Helping your child to be independent in dressing/undressing themselves
  • Helping your child to look for interesting things around them
  • Reading bedtime stories, singing and nursery rhymes
  • Helping your child to feel secure and confident
  • Ensuring your child has enough sleep and a balanced diet.
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