Inclusion & Additional Needs

Inclusion and Additional Educational Needs


Where children have Special Educational Needs or a disability (SEND),  interventions may sometimes be needed to plug learning gaps or help children work on programs recommended by external advice such as speech therapy.


We have a SENCO who supports teachers to write individual education plans for these children and organises a variety of interventions which are run by a number of adults working outside the classroom and also by teachers and teaching assistants in the classroom. Interventions include speech therapy practise, occupational therapy exercises, Early Literacy support in Year 1 and intensive guided reading or Reading Recovery. Parents are always consulted and informed when such interventions are needed.


Please see the School Information Report on the Statutory Information page for more detailed information.


Language support (EAL – English as an Additional Language)

Children for whom English is a second language receive additional support from bi-lingual teaching assistants where possible.  This support is mostly given within groups of children, so all our pupils benefit and no child feels singled out.  Dependant on language, staff can often arrange for the provision of interpreting and translation services where needed.


Provision for more able pupils

The teaching of most subjects is differentiated, ensuring that children are supported and /or challenged appropriately. In Year 2 children are set for Maths and the most able have been able to work with Y3 children at our linked Junior School on really stretching projects.  We are also able to offer a wide variety of clubs including PE clubs and an after school chess and board games club so that those children who are more able in areas other than English, Maths and Science have a variety of ways in which to excel.

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