Welcome to Strathmore Nursery. 

The staff in Nursery are

Mrs White, Ms Mumby, Mrs Courlander and Ms Day.



Nursery Important dates


Half term : Monday 29th May to Friday 2nd June


Polling Day (school closed to children) : Thursday 8th June


Inset Days (school closed to children) : Friday 16th June & Monday 19th June


Sports Day : Thursday 22nd June. Nursery at 9.15am, Afternoon : Rest of School 


Summer Fair : Saturday 24th June at Wilshere Dacre


New Reception Parents meeting : 19.30 Tuesday 27th June


Open evening (Main school) : 17.30 Monday 3rd July


Nursery Trip : 9.00 - 15.00 Parents invited to accompany their child.


Transition Day : Thursday 13th July. Visit to new reception classes. Nursery closed.


End of term : Friday 21st July

More outdoor learning

February learning

Learning in February

Learning in October

Reception tours for prospective parents are now available to book for September 2022 admissions. Please visit our Admissions page via the Key Information tab.