Welcome to Strathmore Nursery. 

The staff in Nursery are

Mrs White, Ms Mumby, Mrs Courlander and Ms Day.



Nursery Important dates


Half term : Monday 29th May to Friday 2nd June


Polling Day (school closed to children) : Thursday 8th June


Inset Days (school closed to children) : Friday 16th June & Monday 19th June


Sports Day : Thursday 22nd June. Nursery at 9.15am, Afternoon : Rest of School 


Summer Fair : Saturday 24th June at Wilshere Dacre


New Reception Parents meeting : 19.30 Tuesday 27th June


Open evening (Main school) : 17.30 Monday 3rd July


Nursery Trip : 9.00 - 15.00 Parents invited to accompany their child.


Transition Day : Thursday 13th July. Visit to new reception classes. Nursery closed.


End of term : Friday 21st July

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February learning

Learning in February

Learning in October

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