If you have any questions about the work that has been set please feel free to email the team on:


We will aim to respond to you the same day (during school hours)

Hello parents,

It seems so long since we’ve seen some of your children and very soon they’ll be starting new schools. The staff in the nursery thought it would be nice to have a quick ‘virtual’ catch up and farewell. We are going to host 3 Zoom meetings, one with each key person next Wednesday 15th July, times set out below.


You need to join the meeting with your child’s key person. We suggest you and your child sit together and join the ZOOM meeting, with your video on but your microphone switched off! The host (Mrs White, Mrs Harriss or Mrs Monaghan) will talk first, then each person will be asked to turn on their microphone to share a piece of news, a picture, or even a short dance! Then at the end, we will sing a rhyme together.


If your child does not want to talk that’s ok, it will still be nice to see them and for them to see their peers. We will try to limit the meeting to about 15 minutes (assuming no technical difficulties!)


I hope you will be able to make it.


Wednesday 15th July at:

9.45  Mrs White  To Join Zoom Meeting

Meeting ID: 351 483 0048

Password: 100


10.15 Mrs Monaghan  To Join Zoom Meeting

Meeting ID: 351 483 0048

Password: 100


10.45 Mrs Harriss  To Join Zoom Meeting

Meeting ID: 351 483 0048

Password: 100


Look forward to seeing you. Any queries email

The Zoom app can be uploaded onto a phone or tablet or laptop with an inbuilt camera. On phones and tablets, you may need to swipe left to see all the participants. The microphone shows as an icon (which is crossed out when off).




A Showcase of Wonderful Mini Beast Learning at Home!

Mini beasts Topic


18th-22nd May & 1st-5th June


Please see Children, School closure tab and Google Classroom for learning ideas.


Pirate learning ideas


Over the next two weeks we will be learning all about pirates. The grid below contains lots of different ideas you might like to try. If you have more ideas of your own please share them on google classroom. We love seeing what you are up to.

Jack and the Beanstalk learning ideas.


The PDF below contains ideas you might like to try with your children over the next two weeks.

Below are songs and stories.

Please post what you've been doing on google classroom so we see and can respond.

We will continue to post stories and rhymes on google classroom too.

Additional website resources

Song about climbing the beanstalk on BBC Teach website-


A short clip on Cbeebies from the part of the story when Jack sells the cow-


The story of jack and the Beanstalk split into 14 short video clips on the BBC Teach site (ages 5-7, but good for younger ones to watch too) -

Look what Rabbity is up to! He misses you all, but he's sharing your books and toys...

Rabbity is reading his favourite book. He can't decide which cake to choose. Which one would you choose?

We now have a Google Classroom for Nursery. We have added stories and things to do.

Please have a look at it.

Parents or guardians should have been emailed a invite. If you haven't received one please get in touch at the email above.

Nursery Staff

Mrs White, Mrs Harriss, Mrs Monaghan, Mrs Courlander



Nursery Session 8.45 -11.45

Lunch session 11.45-12.45


A typical day in nursery

8.45-9.10 Settling in and carpet time - welcome, rhymes, day, weather.

9.15 - 11.00 - Child initiated learning ('choosing time') in this time they can have a snack and a drink. During this time the adults are interacting with the children to extend their learning.

11.05-11.15 Tidy up 

11.20-11.45 Story, circle games and getting ready for home & lunch. 



We are always pleased to talk to parents and work with you, so please don't hesitate to come and speak to us when you drop off or pick up your child.

We have a parent notice board to let you know what's going on.


To remember daily: book bag, change of clothes, coat, hat and wellies.

Nativity 2019

Making clay Mini-beasts

Nursery tours for prospective parents for September 2022 admissions now open!