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Strathmore Nursery is all about learning through play. Every day we like to play outside and inside.


There are three members of staff, Mrs White, Mrs Daines and Mrs Sandhu. 


We have 'Carpet time' at the beginning and end of each morning when we sing songs and read stories. 


Nursery times are 8.45 to 11.45


Please ensure your child has a water bottle and a coat with them every day.

They must wear a school top, either t-shirt or jumper, with their own choice of trousers or skirt.

They can keep a spare change of clothes and some wellies on their coat peg.

In cold weather they will need a warm hat, in warm weather, they will need a sunhat.

Please ensure ALL items have their name on!

We like to get messy! Your child might get mud, paint or water on their clothes, it proves how creative they have been.


Reading books will be changed every Monday, please send your child with their book bag.



Nursery 2020


All the nursery children have now started and we are so impressed with how so many have settled so quickly.


Thank you for bearing with us during pick up and drop off as we appreciate that this has been a learning curve for us all. If you can arrive at the correct time for your group this would be very helpful, as we want to be able to settle all the children with their key person.


There is a notice board outside the nursery with times and information, try to have a look at it regularly.






The children are all settling in well. Their key person will be able to show you some of the things they have been doing in their special book. Please ask them when you can see it. At the moment you will not be able to take it home. If you wish to talk about your child's activities please let us know and we can arrange it.


They will choose 1 or 2 books each Monday to bring home and share with you for the week. Please return on the following Monday. Please buy a book bag from the office.


Please ensure they have a water bottle every day (no flavoured drinks!), as well as a coat.


Wellies and spare clothes can be left in the nursery.


Learning this half term: 

All about me. Learning about our likes and dislikes, our senses and our feelings.

Books: The Colour Monster,  You choose. We're going on a bear hunt.

Lots of nursery rhymes including 5 little men in a flying saucer, Ring-a roses, Hickory Dickory Dock, The wheels on the bus... and their choices!





Our Self Portraits


Maths and Literacy

We do lots of counting, games and number rhymes every day. We like to watch number blocks on CBeebies. 

We read at least one story every day. Sometimes many more! We have a library the children use in the nursery, they choose 2 books to bring home on a Monday.


Snack and lunch

The school provide fruit for snack time, and the children are asked every day if they want to have a snack. They are encouraged to have a drink. Only water in their bottles, please!

Nursery lunch club runs until 12.45, it is optional. If you wish your child to take part please book them a place in advance.



Outdoor action


As part of the Harvest Festival, the children may come as a scarecrow or farm animal, or in their own clothes on Wednesday 7th, in return for a small donation. See the school newsletter.


We are planting some daffodil bulbs this week and making some pretend bread. We will read the story of The Little Red Hen.





Yoga in October

Autumn leaves

This half-term our topic is Special Times.

We will be taking part in activities to celebrate Divali.

Your child is welcome to wear something red on Friday 6th November to commemorate Remembrance Sunday.

Children in Need is Friday 13th November, wear yellow or spots for a small donation.

Early in December, we hope to record the children performing a Christmas Nativity. This will be available to watch on the school website. 

Celebrating festivals

Celebration assemblies.

On Friday mornings in the Nursery we have a celebration assembly.

We celebrate the birthdays that have occurred that week.

You are welcome to send in WOW's for us to celebrate with the children.

We will present Stars of the week, so your child may come home with a certificate.


The children have been busy making Christmas pictures in school this week. The idea is that this artwork can be turned into Christmas cards. As we can't send the artwork home for you to look at I have added a photo example below. Over the weekend decide if you would like to make an order.

Your child will be given a leaflet today with a unique code on the back. If you would like to order some Christmas cards then please go to where you will be asked to input the unique code and personalise your orders. 

If you have placed an order, then please bring this leaflet back to school on *Monday 16th November* so that we can submit the original artwork to be scanned. Only the leaflets returned on Monday will be submitted. 

The completed Christmas cards will arrive at the beginning of December.

Thank you.

Christmas lunch

Wednesday 9th. 11.30-12.30. Wear a Christmas jumper.


Christmas party

Thursday 17th December, usual Nursery times.
Children may wear party clothes.
We will provide snacks.
We will be playing games and icing a biscuit for them to eat.


Panto and popcorn

On the last day we will be watching a panto and having popcorn.



Spring term

Information will be loaded onto Google classroom. Please ensure you sign up as soon as possible.

Any questions?


Summer term 21: See google classroom about what we are learning and any news.

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