Pastoral Care, Health & Welfare

Pastoral Care, Health and Welfare


All staff share a responsibility for the care and welfare of the children while they are in school.  We ask parents to let us know of any medical conditions that affect their child, particularly asthma or allergies, and we also ask parents not to send their child to school if they are unwell.  In cases of vomiting and/or diarrhoea please keep your child away from school for 48 hours after the last episode.


The school needs to keep up-to-date records of any medical conditions your child may have, plus current contact details for parents and any other adult authorised to take responsibility for your child in a medical emergency.  Parents are responsible for providing this information and for notifying the school if it changes.


The School Nurse is based at Bedford Road Health Centre and visits the school regularly.  During the Reception year basic medical checks take place and parents are advised if any further screening is recommended.  Head lice checks are no longer carried out in school, however as infant children are particularly prone to head lice we suggest you check your child’s hair regularly – please inform us if your child is affected.




Please note that staff are not allowed to administer any medication to your child at school.  The only exception to this would be to assist a child with an asthma inhaler or to administer an epipen.  If this applies to your child, please complete a medication form from the school office.


Occasionally we have pupils with an on-going condition such as diabetes or heart problems – for these children we are able to create a care plan to ensure that their medical needs are met at school.