Reception Pine

Welcome to Pine class


The adults in our class:

Mrs Peacock, Teacher

Mrs Parsons, Teaching Assistant

Miss Wills, Learning Support Assistant

Mr Cant, Teaching Assistant (mornings)


  • We have PE on a Tuesday morning and Thursday afternoon.  Please make sure you child has a PE kit in school (t-shirt, shorts, plimsolls).


  • Please bring a bookbag every day.  Reading books can be changed in the mornings, there is a sticker in the front of the reading record which says which colour and number book to choose.


  • Try to read every day and write a comment in the reading record.  Every time your child reads at home they will get a special star stamp.


  • Our library day is Friday.  Please make sure your child brings their library book back to change for a new one.


  • Your child may be chosen to bring home the Question Book.  Please think of a question with a yes or no answer which we can use for our self-registration.‚Äč
  • If your child has done some particularly good work or been extra kind or helpful, Pine Bear may pay a visit.  Please complete his diary to tell the class what he has been up to!   

Pine Class Displays

Pine Class Displays 1 People who help us
Pine Class Displays 2 Lanterns for Chinese New Year

This week we will be learning about dangerous creatures.


Literacy: We will be reading stories about dangerous creatures such as 'Where the Wild Things Are' and 'The Gruffalo.'

Maths: We will continue to explore doubles, halves and sharing.

Understanding the World: We will find out facts about dangerous.

Minibeast sculptures

Minibeast sculptures 1
Minibeast sculptures 2
Minibeast sculptures 3
Minibeast sculptures 4
Minibeast sculptures 5
Minibeast sculptures 6
Minibeast sculptures 7
Minibeast sculptures 8
Minibeast sculptures 9
Minibeast sculptures 10
Minibeast sculptures 11
Minibeast sculptures 12
Minibeast sculptures 13
Minibeast sculptures 14
Minibeast sculptures 15
Minibeast sculptures 16
Minibeast sculptures 17
Minibeast sculptures 18
Minibeast sculptures 19
Minibeast sculptures 20

Making Fruit Salad

Fun in the snow!

Fun in the snow! 1
Fun in the snow! 2
Fun in the snow! 3
Fun in the snow! 4
Fun in the snow! 5 Icy water
Fun in the snow! 6
Fun in the snow! 7 Throwing snowballs at the wall
Fun in the snow! 8
Fun in the snow! 9
Fun in the snow! 10
Fun in the snow! 11
Fun in the snow! 12
Fun in the snow! 13
Fun in the snow! 14 All wrapped up!
Fun in the snow! 15
Fun in the snow! 16 Snow angels
Fun in the snow! 17
Fun in the snow! 18
Fun in the snow! 19

Dates for your diary


14.7.15: Sponsored 'Sky Ride' scoot around the playground

17.7.15: Last day of term - finish 1:45


Please see Parents section for useful information during school closure