School Council

This term the School Councillors held a vote in Assembly. The children voted that they needed to have more diverse books in our classrooms and library that reflect the world we live in. They were extremely proud to be given some brilliant new books to take back to their classrooms. Well done to the Councillors! 

Here are some of our new books!

Strathmore School Councillors

Congratulations to our new Strathmore School Councillors. 


Cleo, Aurelia, Nerys and Zaydan from Oak and Willow

Harley, Elijah, Austin and Renae from Maple and Hazel. 

School Council meet frequently to discuss various topics such as school improvements, thinking of questions to ask their class, deciding on which charities to support, etc. 


Some suggestions for improvements which have been implemented include music in the dining room at lunch time, new playground equipment including a goal post, and children choosing where the summer term outings would be.

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