School Milk Orders

SCHOOL MILK Nursery - Spring Term 2021

SCHOOL MILK Reception - Spring Term 2021

SCHOOL MILK KS1 - Spring Term 2021

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Milk has to be ordered termly - to order milk for your child, please select the correct form below and submit.  Any payment required should be submitted to the school office as soon as possible, and at the latest by 27th March 2020.  NB: If payment is not received, then your order will not be placed.

School Milk for Infant Children - deadline 27th March 2020

We have to place our milk order for the summer term before the end of this term - due to the constraints of the ordering system we are unable to amend orders once placed.


Please complete the form below, returning payment to school as soon as possible.  NB: if payment is required but not received, then milk will not be ordered. Payment may be made either by cash, cheque payable to HertsCC, or online using the School Gateway:


The school milk charge for summer 2020 is £17.40 and is payable for children aged 5 or older during the summer term.  There is no charge for some low income families.  If your family is in receipt of certain income benefits you will be entitled to register for Free School Meals, which will include free milk.  This will also entitle your child to benefit from the Pupil Premium Grant - if you feel this may apply to you, please contact the school office.

School Milk for Nursery Children - deadline 27th March 2020

Children of Nursery age are entitled to receive school milk free of charge, however we are required to order milk termly via HCC, stating exact numbers for the dairy.  This order is placed once for each term.

If you would like your child to have milk, please complete the form below by Friday 27th March at the latest.

We are asked to state that "mid-morning milk is being provided at reduced prices as a result of European Community subsidy and that milk is good for you".


Please ensure that your order is placed in time, otherwise milk will not be ordered for your child - even where it is free of charge, and children will be disappointed as we cannot provide milk that we do not have.

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