Statement of British Values

Statement of British Values

At Strathmore Infant and Nursery School we celebrate the diversity and differences of our community; families, staff and governors. We are proud of the way in which we celebrate this through our ethos, approach to learning and the way in which we promote respectful relationships with everyone within that community, and beyond. The fundamental British Values of democracy, the rule of law, individual liberty, mutual respect and tolerance of those with different faiths and beliefs are promoted through a broad rich and inspiring curriculum which engages the children and supports their spiritual, moral, social and cultural development.



Our approach to the curriculum encourages children to listen carefully, evaluate what they have heard and to express themselves clearly. Weekly whole school circle time sessions group children across the year groups and classes. During these sessions school related issues are discussed and children are encouraged to listen to others’ ideas respectfully and to contribute their own thoughts. Children often have the opportunity to vote for example to select ‘stars of the week’ for their class or to choose the toys or equipment that should be bought using money donated to each class by FOSSA.


The Rule of Law

Each year starts with class discussions around the need for class and whole school rules. All children are supported to understand why we should have rules and our aim is to ensure that the consequences for breaking the rules are appropriate so that an understanding for their need is reinforced throughout the year.


Individual Liberty

Within school, pupils are actively encouraged to make choices with confidence. In the Foundation Stage the autonomy of child initiated learning is further extended through the weekly ‘Big Think’ sessions which allow children to contribute ideas for the following weeks planning. In KS1 Forest Schools provides regular opportunities for children to choose how they work individually or collaboratively in a safe environment. We present pupils with relevant information regarding e-Safety and personal freedoms through PSHE (Personal, Social and Health Education) lessons. We also offer pupils a wide range of extra-curricular clubs that they can choose from.


Mutual Respect

An important part of our school ethos and behaviour policy revolves around core values such as ‘Respect’, and pupils have been part of discussions and assemblies related to what this means and how it is shown. This is reiterated through our classroom and learning rules, as well as our behaviour policy. Weekly SEAL (Social and Emotional Aspects of Learning) themes pick out aspects of behaviour that are discussed and children are supported to understand the need to respect each other within a society and how to demonstrate respect in a practical manner.


Tolerance of those of Different Faiths and Beliefs

Work in RE and PSHE which is frequently contributed to by the children based on their own experience improves knowledge and understanding of different faiths.  The children visit places of worship and visitors of different faiths are welcomed to the school for example to contribute to assembly.  Celebration of the festivals of all the faiths that are followed by families in the school as well as those of the wider community, deepen this understanding and tolerance of our culturally diverse society.  Pupils have the opportunity to develop their sense of identity and know that difference, diversity and uniqueness is accepted and celebrated. 

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