The Strathmore School uniform colours are bright emerald green and grey.  In the Nursery children are expected to wear a school sweatshirt.  Pupils in Reception and Years 1  & 2 are expected to comply with the following:


Autumn / Winter

Spring / Summer

PE Kit

Grey skirt, pinafore or trousers

Green / White Gingham dress

Grey, blue or black shorts

School polo/t-shirt or blouse

Grey shorts or skirt with school polo or white shirt/blouse

White or green t-shirt

Bright emerald green school sweatshirt or cardigan

Winter uniform may be worn

Tracksuit / warm top & joggers for colder days

Sensible footwear

Sensible footwear

Trainers, PE Bag



NO JEWELLERY is to be worn in school – this includes earrings for pierced ears.


Hair should be clean and neat, with long hair tied back.  Extreme styles are not allowed, examples include no patterns, dyed hair or shaved heads.


We ask that all items are clearly labelled with your child’s name. 


All items of uniform clothing may be purchased from either Beat School Uniforms shop in Hermitage Road, Hitchin or online at School Trends:  


PE and book bags printed with the school logo may be purchased from the school office.

Reception tours for prospective parents are now available to book for September 2022 admissions. Please visit our Admissions page via the Key Information tab.