Year 1 Maple

Welcome to Maple Class!


In our class you will find Miss Mills and Miss Begum.


Our P.E days are on a Tuesday and Thursday so please make sure children have the correct kit- this needs to be in a named bag on their peg, with shorts and a t-shirt, as well as jogging bottoms or leggings and trainers or plimsolls, in case we can get outside!


Autumn parent workshop: 26th September (9.10-9.45)


Forest School is every other Tuesday (dates below)


Please note that the Reading Challenge award assembly will be the 20th September.

This term is also the KS1 Carol Concert and a Parent Workshop- details will be on the weekly newsletters.

Forest School dates:

24th September

8th October

22nd October

12th November

26th November

10th December

This weeks learning: 


What a busy week we have had! With our school trip on Tuesday definitely being the highlight of the week. The children were extremely well behaved and the quote "this is the best trip of my life" summed up how much fun we had! Thanks to all that attended our Harvest assembly, I hope you have found an excellent place to put your scarecrow! 


This week our Literacy will be linked to Diwali. We will be learning what Diwali is, who and how it is celebrated and even making films to tell others what we have learnt. We are working hard to make sure our digraphs are joined up in our writing and to ensure we form each letter correctly. Can you play a game of this at home? 


In Maths we will continue to look at shape. The focus this week will be on 3D shapes, have a watch of the video below and see if you can name all the shapes. We will be looking for 3D shapes around the school. What 3D shapes can you find at home? What language can you use to describe it? Have a go at using the vocabulary vertices and edges.  


In phonics we now have got to the end of phase 3! We will spend the week revising everything we have learnt and going over some tricky words. 

Here is a link to phonics play:  


Have you got any books for our 'Look a book' box?

Please also feel free to take a book from the box and return it as and when you like. If you have any questions about this please speak to a member of staff. 



Zones of regulation

Zones of regulation 1

We use the zones of regulation to help manage our emotions. We are free to move our name to the appropriate colour when we are feeling excited, sad, tired, or cross. We understand it is normal to feel all these different emotions. By acknowledging them we can then find strategies to help us, which in turn will ensure we can move ourselves back to green. When we are on green we are ready to learn. 

Words that children should be able to spell by the end of Year one

Words that children should be able to spell by the end of Year one 1

Music- looking at shapes

A lovely Golden Time making hot air balloons

Interviewing the Wright Brothers friend!

The Scarecrows' Wedding 💕💕💕

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