Year 1 Maple

Welcome to Maple Class!


In our class you will find Miss Mills and Miss Begum.


Please note that due to sickness this week we will postpone our Forest School until Friday 6th December.

We will then have Forest School on Monday 9th December. This is because Football is currently during our Forest School sessions and so we have had to rearrange for this Half Term. 


Our P.E days are on a Tuesday and Thursday so please make sure children have the correct kit- this needs to be in a named bag on their peg, with shorts and a t-shirt, as well as jogging bottoms or leggings and trainers or plimsolls, in case we can get outside!



Forest School is every other Tuesday (dates below)



This term is also the KS1 Carol Concert and a Parent Workshop- details will be on the weekly newsletters.

Forest School dates:

6th December

9th December

This weeks learning: 

This has been a very quick but productive week! The children have really enjoyed learning about the 'Owl babies' story and learnt some fantastic new vocab such as: swooped, necessary, beautiful, silent. Can your child remember what each word means?  


This week our Literacy will continue to focus on our upcoming owl visit! The children will be making their very own non-fiction books linked to owls. They will also be learning some key facts about owls so that they can answer all the questions that Dave (the owl man) asks them!  


In Maths we will be learning all about weight and time. We will be learning to tell the time to the o'clock and half past. The homework set this week will help you to explain this to your child. I have also included the link below of the game that we have been playing at the beginning of our Maths lesson which the children have really enjoyed.  


In phonics we are going to be moving on to Phase 5: We will be learning the new graphemes: ay, ou, ie, ea Tricky words for reading: oh, their, people.






Have you got any books for our 'Look a book' box?

Please also feel free to take a book from the box and return it as and when you like. If you have any questions about this please speak to a member of staff. 




Zones of regulation

Zones of regulation 1

We use the zones of regulation to help manage our emotions. We are free to move our name to the appropriate colour when we are feeling excited, sad, tired, or cross. We understand it is normal to feel all these different emotions. By acknowledging them we can then find strategies to help us, which in turn will ensure we can move ourselves back to green. When we are on green we are ready to learn. 

Words that children should be able to spell by the end of Year one

Words that children should be able to spell by the end of Year one 1
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