Year 1 Rowan

Hello and welcome to Rowan class webpage.

Key dates

Year 1 trip - Tuesday 15th October

Harvest Assembly - 17th October

Next Forest School session: 23rd October

Your child will need a warm change of clothes (layers are good) that you don't mind getting muddy, a pair of wellies or old trainers, a waterproof coat and a spare bag for dirty boots, all of which needs to be in a bag on your child's peg.

PE: Mondays and Wednesday 

Show and Tell will be on Monday. 

We go to the school library on a Tuesday. 

Homework is given out on a Friday in a folder, it needs to be completed by the following Thursday at the latest, returned in the folder and placed in the green tray


Our big focus this term will be on daily reading and there are lots of ways to encourage the children to read. We would really appreciate your help with this and ask that the children read and have their reading record signed every evening. Reading at home could be reading their library book, a book of their own, listening to a story tape/CD or any kind of reading related activity. Reading books can be changed in the morning before placing them in the green tray and they will be given a stamp to acknowledge that they have read.

If you have any questions, please feel free to come in and speak to Mrs Patel-Martin, Mrs Hudson, Mrs Parmar or Mrs Murphy.

Dear Parents, 

The memory jars are up and running! Next to the lovely jars are some memory slips for you to take and fill in and then put them in your jar. Each time something great happens, doesn’t matter how small, write it down and put it in the jar. 

Week beginning 14.10.19

This week our Literacy will be linked to our trip on Tuesday. We will be writing letters to say thank you and posting them to the museum. They might even put them on display if they are really good! Our big focus at the moment is starting sentences with capital letters and ending a sentence with a full stop. Can you write some sentences which don't include any and see if your child can spot what is missing? 


Our main focus of the trip is transport (see photo's above of some of the things that we will see) and the children will have a chance to see some of the types of transport that we have been learning about. We will also have plenty of time to explore the rest of the museum and complete some forest school activities. We will also be making a film on the the I-pads to tell others what we have enjoyed. 


In Maths we will be moving on to shape. The focus this week will be on 2D shapes. Watch  the video below and see if you can name all the shapes (even the tricky ones!). We will be starting the week with a shape hunt looking for shapes around the school. What shapes can you find at home? What language can you use to describe it? Have a go at using the vocabulary sides and corners. 


In phonics this week we will focus on the following: 

Vowel digraphs: Revise all graphemes learned so far and read and write cvcc words such as 'tent'

Read tricky words: said, so

Here is a link to phonics play:  

Shapes Song 2

Words children should know how to spell by the end of Year One

Words children should know how to spell by the end of Year One 1

Week beginning: 7.10.19

The children have been working so hard making their scarecrows and they will be ready to be shown in our Harvest Assembly next week! 

In Literacy this week we will be sticking to our Transport theme, this week focussing on methods of air travel. We will be looking at helicopters, hot air balloons and airplanes. We will be linking this to History by learning about the Wright brothers, carrying out tasks such as writing questions to the brothers and labelling diagrams of different transports.


In Maths we will be continue to be using what we have learnt about addition and subtraction to solve real life problems. We will also be looking at the number bonds to 20. 


In phonics this week we will focus on the following: 

Digraphs: er and revise everything learned so far

Read tricky words: was, my, you, they, her, all

Zones of regulation

Zones of regulation 1

Week Beginning 30.9.19: 

We had a fabulous turn out to our parent workshop and some very positive feedback. Following on from the power point you can find the web pages that we were talking about below and the list of the words the children should be able to spell by the end of year one. 

This week our focus is on Harvest. The children will learn why Harvest is celebrated and the importance of this. They will also be reading the story 'The Scarecrows' Wedding' (which you can watch below) and having a go at writing their very own list for the wooden scarecrow they are going to make! 


In Maths we will be using what we have learnt about addition and subtraction to solve real life problems. Have a go at some of these at home and see how you get on. For example if 2 more people came for 2 how many more knives and forks would you need? How do you know? There are so many different number problems around the house that you can use to practise. 


In phonics this week we will focus on the following: 

Digraphs: ear, air, ure

Read tricky words: was, my, they



The Scarecrows' Wedding

Our first Forest School session was fun! We started by playing 1, 2, 3 where are you? Then collected natural materials to create a 'Leaf Man'. We also had fun rolling down a hill, some of us went really fast. We finished by lying on the ground and looking up at the clouds....some of us saw a cloud dragon!

Cloud gazing..... can you see a dragon?

Rolling down a hill...

We have been busy designing a bike for the future..

We made delicious soup with Mrs Hudson.....most of us liked it!

The children absolutely loved our work on 'Oi Get Off Train'. They were really interested in why the animals were in danger and what they could do to help, which is fantastic to see. 

This week we will be moving on to learning all about bikes. We will literally be going through the years looking at the very first bike to what we think the bike of the future will look like! The children's homework will help them with this last task so please ensure it is returned as early as possible. Also feel free to watch the short video below and discuss the names of each bike and what changes over the years.

The children's books will be available for you to look through at the parent workshop that will take place on Thursday. Please make every effort to attend this as we will be discussing everything that your child needs to know this term and hopefully picking up some very good tips on how to help them at home. 

In Maths this week we will be learning about addition and how it is exactly the same as finding one more but just changing the number. We will be teaching the children to count on from the first number and how to find number bonds to 10/20.


In phonics this week we will focus on the following: 

Vowel digraphs: ur, ow, oi

Read tricky words: you


The Evolution Of The Bicycle

The bicycle is one of those things that's just as enjoyable to use as it is pragmatic, which is why it's endured the test of time so well. Of course, it's also managed to stay around because it's being constantly adapted and tweaked to make it for fit for purpose.

The Evolution Of The Bicycle

We use the zones of regulation to help manage our emotions. We are free to move our name to each of the colours when we are feeling excited, sad, tired, or cross. We understand it is normal to feel all these different emotions. By acknowledging them we can then find strategies to help us, which in turn will ensure we can move ourselves back to green. When we are on green we are ready to learn. 

We have had fun using the Beebots.

Week beginning: 16.9.19

This week we will be reading the story 'Oi get off our train' and you can watch the video of this story below. The children will act out the story as a class and discuss the important messages that the book is trying to communicate with us. They will be writing about a new animal that wishes to join the train and give reasons why. They will also be writing some instructions for the animals to follow using 'bossy' words. Our main focus will be on full stops, capital letter and finger spaces between their words.


In Maths we will be learning about ordinal numbers, matching number words to digits, how to count in 2's, 5's and 10's and also learning what odd and even mean. Why don't you play a game on the way to school where you work out if the door number is odd or even?  


In phonics this week we will focus on the following: 

Recapping: Consonant digraphs: sh, ch, th, ng Vowel digraphs: ai, ee, igh, oa

Introducing: Vowel digraphs: oo, ar, or 

Spell tricky words: no, go, to, the

Read tricky words: he, she, we, me, be, was, my



Old and New Transport: Look at a range of transport form different eras and think about how they may work.

Oi Get off our train

Rowan have been busy on the computers and they would like to say...."Hello"

We have been making 'teen' numbers by adding more to 10.

This week we will be learning....

We will be thinking about what we like and dislike, as well as beginning to learn about different senses.

If children could try to bring in their memory jars by Friday the 13th so that we can start them on the following Monday that would be brilliant please!

Please note that the Reading Challenge award assembly will be the 20th September.

This term is also the KS1 Carol Concert and a Parent Workshop- details will be on the weekly newsletters.

What a busy first week Rowan class have had.....

The children have been very busy settling in and are doing brilliantly! Although a slightly shorter week, we have been counting and ordering numbers to 20, and thinking hard about what our super- strengths are. We have been busy making lovely superhero cuffs, and creating self portraits.

Drawing and painting self-portraits...

Making Superhero cuffs...

Counting amounts to 20 and beyond..

Date change: HARVEST FESTIVAL: New date is 17th October