Year 2 Oak

Our Great Fire of London Burn-up! We made a second house at school so that we had the choice to take home our original work of art if we wanted to! Mr Smith was incredibly brave and organised the safe burning of our City of London. The children were absolutely brilliant at following their safety rules and made sure to keep a safe distance away - we were very proud of them!

Christmas Dinner Day and Jumper Day!

Christmas Decoration Day! After making our snow scenes, we made our wreaths and our Jingle Bell shakers! We had a brilliant day singing along to our favourite Christmas songs - there was even some middle-of-the-classroom dancing!

We used our outdoor maths resources to make arrays. We have become really good at understanding how they work and what their purpose is in Oak Class!

We acted out different scenes from The Great Fire of London and then wrote speeches about what we would have seen, smelt, heard and felt if we had been alive in September 1666!

Litter Picking was so much fun and we were so excited to help support the environment!

Oak Class absolutely loved the Skipping to be Fit workshop! Now we have a challenge to complete every week to see if we can beat our highest scores!

The children have been busy making Christmas pictures in school this week. The idea is that this artwork can be turned into Christmas cards. As we can't send the artwork home for you to look at I have added a photo of every child's work below. Over the weekend have a look at your child's artwork and decide if you would like to make an order. Your child will be bringing home a leaflet today with a unique code on the back. If you would like to order some Christmas cards then please go to where you will be asked to input the unique code and personalise your orders. If you have placed an order, then please bring this leaflet back to school on *Monday 16th November* so that we can submit the original artwork to be scanned. Only the leaflets returned on Monday will be submitted. The completed Christmas cards will arrive at the beginning of December.

We love dressing up for Children in Need!

Using our imaginations to create our own (pretend!) Bonfires and Fireworks!

Acting as Police Detectives to explore some of the myths surrounding the Gunpowder Plot!

Celebrating Harvest by completing a Scarecrow Stomp!

Our first table debate in Oak Class! Discussing the significance of Florence Nightingale and Mary Seacole.

A rainy afternoon spent making some beautiful houses for squirrels is an afternoon well spent!

Comparing number sentences is tricky, but we have become brilliant at it!

Our first ever Forest School session in Year Two - going on a scavenger hunt!

Using Place Value to create a number during Outdoor maths!

Welcome to Oak Class! 


Here you will find: 

Miss Wilkinson (Class Teacher)

Mrs Parsons (Teaching Assistant) 

Mrs Last (Teaches on Wednesdays) 


Key Dates

PE is every Monday morning and Wednesday afternoon 

Forest School is every other Friday starting on the 18th of September 

Homework will be sent home on a Thursday afternoon to be returned on Monday morning so that we can quarantine it for 48 hours! 

Reading books will be changed on a Monday, Wednesday and Friday.


If you haven’t already done so, please join the google classroom. We will be posting photos and videos on there shortly. 


The children have been working hard this week and should be proud of their achievements. Our English work will continue to focus on The Great Fire of London. We will be drawing on all that we have learnt so far in order to write our very own diary! The diary will give the reader an eyewitness account of what happened during the Fire of London.  


We will also start to prepare for Christmas! Your child will be bringing home a jingling bell which they can use to join in with December Carols on your Doorstep. 


The next 3 weeks of maths will focus on consolidating what the children have learnt this term. We will be recapping addition and subtraction as well as looking at finding the difference. This is very tricky so it would be great if you could practice this at home. Here is a link to the learning so far: 


Tricky words for reading and spelling: improve, sure, sugar, eye, could, should