Year 2 Oak

Our first ever Forest School session in Year Two - going on a scavenger hunt!

Using Place Value to create a number during Outdoor maths!

Welcome to Oak Class! 


Here you will find: 

Miss Wilkinson (Class Teacher)

Mrs Parsons (Teaching Assistant) 

Mrs Last (Teaches on Wednesdays) 


Key Dates

PE is every Monday morning and Wednesday afternoon 

Forest School is every other Friday starting on the 18th of September 

Homework will be sent home on a Thursday afternoon to be returned on Monday morning so that we can quarantine it for 48 hours! 

Reading books will be changed on a Monday, Wednesday and Friday.


Our topic this term is 'Famous People' and this week we will be focusing on the lives of Florence Nightingale and Mary Seacole - two women who made equally as big an impact to life as we know it, but within very different circumstances. We will be beginning to look at the genre of non-fiction and will be thinking about how and why it is different to fiction. Writing our own factual accounts of the significance behind these two women will be very interesting as up until now, all of our writing has been created using our own ideas, rather than factual information! 


In Maths we are moving away from Place Value and onto Addition and Subtraction, starting with Fact Families! Did you know that we can add 4 and 3 together to make 7 and then we can change the numbers around so that 3 and 4 added together still make 7! We will then include the subtraction sums of the fact families to start building a greater understanding of the relationships between numbers. We will also be learning how to check our calculations are correct by using different methods and resources. 

New Graphemes: wh, ph, ew, oe, au, ey

Tricky Words for reading and spelling: said, so, have, like 


Click on class pages to take a look at our amazing new clay tree!