Year 2 Willow

Hello and Welcome to Willow class webpage.

In Willow class PE is on a Monday and Tuesday, so your child will need their PE kit in a named bag hanging on their peg. We try to go outside when the weather is dry, so as well as a pair of shorts and a t-shirt, your child will also need a pair of jogging bottoms or leggings, they will need plimsols or trainers to run around in.

Forest School happens fortnightly on a Thursday for Willow class. This term this will be on 4th and 18th May,  8th June and 22nd June, 6th and 20th July. Your child will need a warm change of clothing that you don't mind getting muddy, a pair of wellies or old trainers, a waterproof coat and a spare bag for muddy boots.

We visit the school library on a Tuesday. Please encourage your child to share their book with you at home and return it to school each week to be changed. They can choose either a fiction or non-fiction book.

Homework is given out on a Friday in a named folder and needs to be returned to school the following Thursday at the latest.

If you have any questions please feel free to speak to Mrs Mountney, Mr Bassett or Mrs Horn.

Shepreth Wildlife Park

Plants and Flowers

As part of our science work this week we
have been identifying and labelling
different plants and flowers.

Olympic and Paralympic Celebration

The opening ceremony.
parachute games

Temporary Art

We made a frame using wood or sticks.
Then we used natural materials to make animals.
 fruit bat
fruit bat
A fox and its cave.

Time Treasure Hunt

We looked for time clues
and matched them to the clocks on the sheet.
It was great fun!
Once we had found all the clues
we worked out the mystery word.


We made large clocks on the playground.
We added the minutes using sicks
or chalk.
We made some times for our partner to work out.
8 minutes to 3 o'clock

Magical Homes


Forest Fun

A collection of interesting natural materials.
Working together to make a dinosaur.
A tiny snail.
A bug hotel.
1st floor
2nd floor
A T- Rex.
A worry doll made from natural materials.
signs of spring

Easter Maths

Giant outdoor Kerplunk!
We sorted the balls into odd and even numbers.
We worked together to sort them.
We searched for numbered eggs.
They were even in the trees!
An investigation into odd numbers.

Easter Fun

chocolate eggs
Delicious chocolate nests!

Castle Day

We met Mistress Betty.
She told us about all the different jobs we could
do in the castle.
We visited the 'wise women'
and made potions to cure illness.
It was really smelly!
We made scent bags.
clay gargoles
writing with a quill
We learnt that people only had a bath 4
times a year.
Candles to light the castle at night.
leather finger protectors
We made pies to feed the people
living within the castle walls.
leather purses
We learnt the art of sword fighting.
What about rat stew?
Learning to use a bow.
More rats!
In the afternoon we had a banquet to
celebrate our victory
over Sir Geoffrey de Manderville.
Some children served the food.
We had bread, cheese and apple.

Worry Dolls

After reading Silly Billy
by Anthony Browne
we made our own worry dolls.
They were quite tricky but we persevered.



This week we have been investigation fractions.
multiplication links
We used a range of resources to help us.
We worked out tricky fractions
using a trellis.
A stick fraction wall helped us to
work out equivalent fractions.
We used our multiplication knowledge to
work out the answers, then measured carefully
to check.

Dragon Traps

A dragon has been spotted in the school grounds.
We found some of its golden scales,
green scales,
and even teeth!
We made some traps to try and catch it.
We even tried to think of diferent things
to lure it.
Ash stones might work,
maybe these
or these.

World Book Day

Pancake Races

year 1 and year 2 winners


egg - opps!
that's better
whisk well
until golden
toss, remember to catch it


We investigated a range of 2d shapes to check
which of them tessellate.
We discovered some do
 and some don't.
We wondered if they needed straight sides
or an even number of sides.

Sending and Receiving.

3D nets

We used sticks and balls of clay
to construct 3D shapes.
It was quite tricky so we worked together.
When describing the properties of our shapes
we discovered that the sticks became the edges
and the balls of clay were the vertices.
We also had some tricky problems to solve.

Forest Floor Cake and Jam Sandwiches

We made forest floor cake for the
Woodland Cafe.
It contained lots of chocolate!
We made jam sandwiches to eat after tag rugby.
They were delicious!

Tag Rugby

Phizz Whizzing Forest Fun

We played 1,2,3 where are you?
We found some really good hiding places.
We listened to the story Stanley's Stick.
We chose natural materials to make sculptures.
working together
a dinosuar
a bear
straw for bedding
a butterfly
a car
paw print
a kite
 shelter with a footpath
a butterfly
 mammoth, hunter, mouse
Our adults scored the most points.
We all had an amazing time.

Trip to Waitrose

We walked to Waitrose to buy
the ingredients for our smoothie.
It was a long way.
Each pair had £1 to buy the item
on their shopping list.
We needed
an apple,
a banana,
but not potatoes!
Then we paid for our items at the checkout.
We remembered to be polite.
We chose a charity to donate money to
using a green token.
Then we went back to school.
We chopped the ingredients
and added them to
some apple juice
and spinach.
We blended it to make a woodland smoothie.
It tasted delicious.
"Let's make it for the Woodland cafe
on Friday."


We start each morning during
Feeling Good Week with a dance.
We really enjoy it.

Ice Sculptures

We filled balloons with water and colouring.
Using pipettes to add colour.
colour mixing
Then into the freezer.
We can't wait to see what will happen.

African Animal Yoga

We went on a special trip to Africa!
mountain pose
Watching the clouds float by.

Gruffalo Paw Biscuits

We used our maths knowledge
to weigh out the ingredients.
We had to mix it carefully.
We shaped it into a ball.
When they were cooked they looked delicious.
We add chocolate buttons for the claws.

Woodland Pebbles

As part of feeling good week we have
been thinking about woodland creatures.
We chose one to paint on a pebble.
We used acrylic paint to make them shiny.
It was really detailed work.
When they were dry we added different features.
Have a look at our display in the classroom.

Outdoor Maths

This morning we went on a number hunt.
We had to search for numbers painted on pebbles.
They were everywhere!
Then we had to work out if they were odd
or even numbers.
We sorted them into hoops after deciding
if they were multiples of 2, 5 or 10.
We discovered that some numbers are multiples
of all of them.
It was challenging maths but good fun!
Then we had to write the multiplication
number sentence to match the answer
we had found.
We even recorded the inverse  division sentence.
We even had a go at welly throwing.
We carefully measured the distance
each welly travelled.

Chinese New Year

We helped Mrs Dutton cook
some Chinese food.
We tried using chopsticks,
it was really tricky!
It was delicious.

Class Assembly

different parts of a castle
coat of arms
dragon rap
Paul Klee

Clay Dragons

dragon eggs
two large horns
tree dragon
A flying dragon.
tree monster
happy dragon
working together

Castle and Sun

We drew pictures in the style of Paul Klee.
squares, rectangles
Then we used oil pastels to add colour.
We needed to work carefully
to fill each of the shapes with
a block of colour.
We were really proud of our work
and shared it in assembly.

Adding two digit numbers.

We used a range of materials,
sicks and gems.

A wet Forest school.

We found good hiding places.
We used a range of natural materials
to make poetry sticks.
working together