Year Two Oak

Hello and welcome to the Oak class webpage.

In Oak class  PE is on a Monday and Wednesday, so your child will need their PE kit in a named bag hanging on their peg.  We try to go outside when the weather is dry, so as well as a pair of shorts and a t-shirt, your child will also need a pair of jogging bottoms or leggings; they will need plimsolls or trainers to run around in.

Forest School happens fortnightly usually on a Wednesday for Oak class, this term they will be - 22nd April, 6th and 20th May, 10th and 26th (Friday) June and finally on the 8th July. Your child will need a warm change of clothes (layers are good) that you don't mind getting muddy, a pair of wellies or old trainers, a waterproof coat and a spare bag for dirty boots, all of which needs to be in a bag on your child's peg.  Look out for the Forest School poster in the classroom window.

We go to the school library on a Friday.  Your child can choose either a fiction or non-fiction book to take home.

Homework is given out on a Friday in a folder, it needs to be completed by the following Thursday at the latest, returned in the folder and placed in the yellow tray.

If you have any questions, please feel free to come in and speak to Mrs Bassett, Miss Burtenshaw or Mrs Dutton.

Year 2 Trip to Shepreth Wildlife Park

a racoon
a coati
a rabbit in Bunnyland
grrrr.... a tiger
Caiman, can you hear them ticking?
an iguana
a tegu
a beautiful peacock
a sleepy red panda
Igor the eagle owl
an emu
resting in the shade
lively lemurs
very cute meerkats
a prickly porcupine
having a sunbathe
ducklings staying close to mum
a yellow and blue macaw

natural materials art

balancing with Mr Maydom

The Delta Sax Quartet

A Damp Forest School!

having fun rolling
rolling as a team
painting with powder paint in puddles
a dolphin

Puzzle Workshop with The Happy Puzzle Company

We listened carefully.
We worked as a team.
We didn't give up.
We took turns.
We co-operated.
We listened to others' ideas.
We shared the puzzle pieces.

Natural Materials

making idials
using the idials
We made our names using natural materials.

Castles' Day

We had a fabulous day,
doing lots of great activities.
Ask me about what I did.

Motte and Bailey Castles at Forest School

We used sticks and
other materials to make
our own versions of motte and
bailey castles.
We then put a person
in our castle.

Gymnastics session with Mr Maydom

straight jumps
controlled landings
tuck jumps
star jumps

Towers for Rapunzel

We made towers for Rapunzel.
We used lots of different materials ...
... and had lots of different approaches.
We had to use our imaginations.

Moss, Lichen and Fungi Hunt

We had an ID sheet to spot lichen, moss and fungi.
We worked with a partner.
Lichen, moss and fungi were in lots of places.

Winter Homes at Forest School

We read 'The Bear's Winter House',
and made homes for hibernating animals,
including hedgehogs, mice, birds and dormice.

Fun with Puppets

Mr Bassett and Eric
Eric playing tricks!
making a balloon dog
making a bird puppet
careful folding
tying knots
naughty Wesley

The Great Fire of London Burn-Up

delicious fire cakes
The City of London
The fire starts.
hair-like flames
the last embers

Getting Knotted!

We worked with a partner.
We practised reef knots ....
and clove hitches.
We used our knots to make traps.
We told other people in our group about our traps.
This one catches bugs.
We spotted some beautiful fungi.


We worked with Mrs Parmar and Mrs Virdee .....
on some creative Diwali activities.
rangoli patterns
Diwali cards

Art & Music Workshop with James Mayhew

James telling the story of William Tell
an artist's tools
Oak class were joined by Jamaica class
the music got faster here
William Tell appears ...
the finished piece of art
question and answer session

Ten Pieces

We went to Cineworld to see 'Ten Pieces', a music project put together by the BBC. We listened to a range of music, mostly played by an orchestra. Mrs Bassett's favourite piece of music was 'Horn Concerto no. 4' by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, because it reminded her of aan animation she used to watch as a child called Ludwig. It was actually written by Mozart for his friend Joseph. Listen to the clip, which piece was your favourite?

Forest School - we are explorers!

Working together to find Autumn fruits.
using the ID sheet
Found it!
working as a team
making iDials
having our own adventures
using magnifying lenses
We found a very wriggly centipede!
looking under the bark

Having Fun with Matisse

We loved using licky sticky paper!
Come into Oak class to see our finished art.
Click on class pages to take a look at our amazing new clay tree!