Year Two Willow

Hello and Welcome to Willow class webpage.

In Willow class PE is on a Tuesday and Thursday, so your child will need their PE kit in a named bag hanging on their peg. We try to go outside when the weather is dry, so as well as a pair of shorts and a t-shirt, your child will also need a pair of jogging bottoms or leggings, they will need plimsols or trainers to run around in.

Forest School happens fortnightly on a Wednesday for Willow class. This term this will be on 27th April, 11th and 25th May, 15th and 29th June and 13th July . Your child will need a warm change of clothing that you don't mind getting muddy, a pair of wellies or old trainers, a waterproof coat and a spare bag for muddy boots.

We visit the school library on a Tuesday lunchtime. Please encourage your child to share their book with you at home and return it to school each week to be changed. They can choose either a fiction or non-fiction book.

Homework is given out on a Friday in a named folder and needs to be returned to school the following Thursday at the latest.

If you have any questions please feel free to speak to Mrs Mountney, Mrs Foster, Mrs Horn or Mrs Dutton.

Afternoon Tea

We weighed out the ingredients.
There was quite a lot.
Enough to make 400 scones.
We looked at the recipe carefully.
It was great fun.
Lots of maths going on!
We worked with Oak class to make the scones.
Carefully cutting them out.
How many?
We made over 300 in one afternoon.
Enjoying afternoon tea.
The scones were delicious.
We had really good fun.

Aboriginal Art

Forest School with Oak Class.

journey stick
What does it smell like?
Look what I've found!
making a bow
Robin Hood
giant bows
We made luxury habitats for minibeasts.
They included
a swing
a tightrope
a swimming pool
a room for a friend
a shower
a garden
a zipwire
and a area to relax.

Cirque Normandie

We were really excited!
hula hoops
plate spinning
diablo sticks
The adults had fun too!

Shepreth Wildlife Park

red panda
We visited the rainforest.
caiman crocodile
vervet monkey
What could be in here?
ruffed lemur

The Queen's Birthday Picnic

Waiting for the Queen to arrive.
changing of the guard
waving our flags
The Queen arrives and everyone cheers.
whole school picnic
eating a delicious picnic
We played party games in the afternoon.
Isn't it funny how a bear likes honey?
In and out the dusty bluebells.
Oranges and Lemons.
What's the time Mr Wolf?
Having a rest in the shade.

Union Jack Kites

Fold the ribbon in half to make a tail.
We needed a little bit of help.
Tie the string tight.
Look at my kite!
I hope it's windy at the weekend.
Add a stick to give it shape.

Paralympic Games

Waiting to start.
torch bearer.
long jump
sitting volleyball
We had great fun!
closing ceremony


obtuse angle
right angle
acute angle
We made human angles.
right angle
working with year 5
acute angle

Using our senses.

We listened carefully to the sounds all around us.
We used mirrors to investigate life as a minibeast
Then a birds - eye view.
Looking at a tree as an ant.
We used a 'magic potion' to smell nature.
We rubbed it on natural materials
and then had a smell.
Working as part of a team.
In and out the cones.
Slowly and carefully.
Almost there!
Throwing and catching.
We read The Diary of a Killer cat
and then made our own cats using clay.
We painted them carefully.
Come and have a look at our display.

Scavenger Hunt

We went on a scavenger hunt in the school grounds.
Some were tricky to find
others were easier.
We had to look high and low.
Working together made us more successful.
Then we used the iPads to take photos
to make our own scavenger hunt
for the rest of the school to solve.
The last photo was extremely tricky to find.
Making music outdoors.


Starting work on the digging area.
Working together.
We have tadpoles in our pond.

It snowed during Forest School today.

catching snowflakes
Then it rained!
We decided to build shelters to keep us dry.
working together
Two tarpaulins should keep us dry!
Using tools safely.
It was big enough to fit everyone under.
We invited Mrs Mountney in too.
Warm and dry.
Helping to fold the tarpaulins.
Making a face on a shadow.

Investigating temperature.

We used forehead thermometers.
We also measured the temperature of water.

Data collection.

We collected information on Old Hale Way.
We recorded the colours of cars as they passed.
Using tally marks to record.
We will use the data to make a block graph.

Castle Day

The lady of the castle.
We had to curtsy
or bow.
scent bags
making pies
A kind knight helped us.
lamps to light the castle
making ink
Writing our names with a quill.
rat stew, delicious
A visit to the Wise Woman.
leather purse
Pulling up the drawbridge to protect the castle.
sword skills
defending the castle
collecting water
a finger protector
Chain mail is really heavy!
We had a banquet.
Lords and ladies are served first.
A toast to Queen Matilda.
We played pass the dolly

Observational drawing.

We looked carefully at spring flowers.
sketched them
used pastels

A friend for Stick Man.

We made friends for Stick Man.
Adding legs
and eyes.
A spider.
A bird.
An egg.
A web for a giant spider.
Making a web to catch a dragon.
A wand.
A sword or a wand? No, a swand!


We matched nets to 3d shapes.


We investigated the properties of 3d shapes.
some tessellate
some don't
some tessellate with another shape
"Hexagons tessellate like in a beehive."
"It's like the bricks in the playground."

Strathmore Cafe

Each class made a smoothie.
Would you like to try a fruit kebab.
"Would you like a fruit kebab?"
enjoying cake
fruit kebabs

This week was Feeling Good Week and the children have enjoyed a wide range of activities from yoga to street dance to designing a smoothie.

Just Dance

We end each morning with a dance.
Kayleigh helped us learn a new dance.

Smoothie Making.

working together
healthy ingredients
It was delicious. Come and try some on Friday.

Shopping for fruit and vegetables.

We walked to Waitrose.
using a shopping list
weighing the items
looking at the variety
We paid for the fruit ourselves.
remembering to check the price
lots of maths work
We bought an enormous carrot1
We even had change!
We bought lots of different fruits.
Now we are ready to make smoothies.

Pancake Races.

Ready, Steady,go.
flip it 3 times

Painting with warm, happy colours.

We listened to calming music as we painted.
careful work
happy colours
red, orange and yellow

Forest school with Oak class.

Miss Burtenshaw and Mrs Mountney had fun too!
mix it well
 laughing potion
petals for a sweet smell
choosing ingredients
happiness potion
sharing ideas
friendship bracelet
working together

Pancake Making

Weigh flour into a bowl.
Make a well in the centre.
Add milk and whisk.
Pop it in the pan.
Flip the pancake and remember to catch it!
Add topping and eat!


Everyone joined in.
We sat together in a circle.
Mexican wave game.
The breathing ball.
Doggy pose with tails in the air.
lion pose
camel pose
giraffe pose
zebra pose
Banana pose, nice straight arms Mrs Woodhall!
Collect food with our toes.
Making an animal house.
Relaxing like a starfish.
We had an amazing time.
What a fantastic start to our week!

Chinese New Year Assembly

Chinese dragon dance by the reception children.
Chinese lanterns.
hand print dragons
We tried stir fry and noodles.

Catapult Investigation

We started with a range of materials.
working together
having a go
time to try it out
strong frame
testing our final design
Is it strong enough?
elastic bands are tricky!
feeling proud
Working together to test our catapult.
How far will the blu tack travel?
measuring our success
We measured accurately.

Willow Class Assembly

We shared our work on The Great Fire of London.
The houses were built close together.
People could shake hands in different streets.
loud, clear voices
In and out the burning houses.
We spoke confidently.
The flames spread.
Trying to put the fire out.


Jumping in puddles.
Found him!
Making a willow sculpture.
It's hard work.
Our willow sculpture.
Fishing in the puddle.
Who lives in this hole?
Painting with mud.
A home for Stick Man.
Stick Man and his friends.

Money, money, money!

We bought items using the exact amount.
working together
The toys became more expensive.
change from £3.70
ways to make 10p

Stick Man

Today we found a new member of Willow class.
Watch out for his forest school adventures!

Dragon spotted in the school grounds!

We made dragon traps...
high and low.
We made bows to protect ourselves from the dragon.
Swords fit for a knight.
hill rolling
journey sticks
stick weaving

Little Red Riding Hood.

Little Red Riding Hood and Mr Wolf.
The wolf tries to trick Grandma.
He captures them both.

Today we had a special visitor.

Ms Bailey came to play her flugelhorn for us.
We joined in a musical quiz.
We asked some good questions.
We listened very carefully.

Burn Up

The fire started in the bakery.
It spread quickly.
Soon most of the houses were alight.
The flames spread from house to house.
Only ashes remained.

Samuel Pepys’ Fire Cakes


333g of self raising flour

166g caster sugar

333g of currants

166g butter

2 tbsp milk

2 egg yolks

a pinch of nutmeg

2 tbsp water

icing sugar to sprinkle on top



  1. Preheat an oven to 200˚c
  2. Mix the flour and sugar together in a large bowl.
  3. Add the currants and mix.
  4. Melt the butter, pour it into the bowl and stir.
  5. Then add the milk, egg yolks and nutmeg and beat.
  6. Finally add the water and mix well to a paste.
  7. Put a spoonful of the mixture onto a baking tray or into cake cases.
  8. Cook for 15 minutes, then sprinkle with icing sugar and leave to cool on a wire rack.

A Winter Home

working together
using mud as glue
Does this belong to Samuel Pepys?
A home for lanterns.
A shower of leaves.

Getting ready for Burn Up.

Leaf Man

The Gruffalo

A home for a snake.
A home for a mouse.