Year Two Willow

Hello and Welcome to Willow class webpage.

In Willow class PE is on a Monday and Thursday, so your child will need their PE kit in a named bag hanging on their peg. We try to go outside when the weather is dry, so as well as a pair of shorts and a t-shirt, your child will also need a pair of jogging bottoms or leggings, they will need plimsols or trainers to run around in.

Forest School happens fortnightly on a Thursday for Willow class. This term this will be on the 23rd April, 7th and 21st May, 11th June and 9th July. Your child will need a warm change of clothing that you don't mind getting muddy, a pair of wellies or old trainers, a waterproof coat and a spare bag for muddy boots.

We visit the school library on a Friday. Please encourage your child to share their book with you at home and return it to school each week to be changed. They can choose either a fiction or non-fiction book.

Homework is given out on a Friday in a named folder and needs to be returned to school the following Thursday at the latest.

If you have any questions please feel free to speak to Mrs Mountney, Mrs Fisher, Mrs Parmar or Mrs Dutton.

Sky Ride

We had a special visitor.

Drama Workshop

We had a fantastic time at Shepreth Wildlife Park.

Red Panda
Hissing Cockroach
Bunny Land

Delta Saxophone Quartet

The children listened carefully.

A muddy forest school session.

We visited the co-operation tree.
 Making seasonal friendship bracelets.
Working well together.
Blue for Winter, orange for Autumn.
Fishing for leaves.
Jumping in puddles.
Jumping together to make a bigger splash.
Even Mrs Mountney had a go!
Painting with mud.
We made wind socks!
Pouring the water out of our boots.
Working together.
We had a fantastic time making mud pies.

Puzzle Workshop

We listened carefully to the instructions.
We worked together as a group.
We took turns.
It was tricky!
We co-operated.
Our finished puzzle.

Forest School

memory stick
leaf bingo
leaf identification
minibeast hotel
stick quill

Gymnastics with Mr Maydom.

warming up
balancing on one leg
A new balance.
Holding the balance for a count of 3.
Trying our new skills on the apparatus.

Castle Day

Lady Ruth told us all about castle life.
Lots of different skills to learn.
We visited the wise woman...
.. and had a go at making our own medicines.
catching rats
We made finger protectors from leather.
We tried illumination.
Friend or Foe?
making pies
Clay gargoyles to protect the castle.
Soap balls to keep us clean.
A leather pocket to hold money or teeth.
Collecting firewood for cooking.

Castle and Sun by Paul Klee

We used a ruler to draw geometric shapes.
We carefully added blocks of colour.

Making a seige weapon.

We used rubber bands and lolly sticks..... make a catapult.
We worked together to achieve our goal.
We enjoyed testing them!

A den for a dragon.

We used willow to make a home for a dragon.
It was hard work!
A dragon trap!
We tied 3 pieces together to make a frame...
..then added more and more to make a cosy den.

We made mobiles using natural materials.

We practised clove hitches.
It was tricky!
"They spin in the wind."
"They move like fireworks."
We persevered!

Burn Up Night

The fire started in Pudding Lane.
It spread quickly!
We sang London's Burning as we watched the flames.

maths - multiplication

We used arrays to solve multiplication problems.
Using a range of objects.
We made a discovery!
We even used the PE equipment!

Art and Music Workshop with James Mayhew

 listening to the story of The Sea King's Daughter
Sadko and Princess Volkhova
Ten Pieces

Today we went to Cineworld in Stevenage to  listen to a musical production by the BBC called Ten Pieces. It aims to open up the world of classical music to children – and inspire them to develop their own creative responses to the pieces through music, dance or digital art. It included a range of music from baroque to contemporary. Ask them to share their favourite piece of music from the production with you and explain why they enjoyed it.

The clips can be viewed at:

Beethoven: Symphony No. 5 (1st movement)

Beethoven continued to compose as he became deaf. He remembered the sound of each instrument in his head which helped him to continue composing.

'Storm' by Benjamin Britten

Close your eyes and listen to the music clip. Can you imagine what is happening?

Forest School

We were  explorers for the afternoon.
Using natural materials.
We found some interesting things.
"I wonder what lives in this hole."
We tried to identify any leaves we found.
"Look at these!"

We had lots of fun in our first Forest School session. We played 1,2,3, Where are you? and found lots of good places to hide. We also used magnifying glasses to explore the school grounds and made some interesting discoveries, a birds nest, leaf skeletons and seed pods. We also found a hole in the meadow bank and even though the children spent a long time watching for something to appear,  nothing did - maybe next time!

At the end of the session we played mammoth, hunter, mouse, it was great fun. Ask the children to teach you how to play, I'm sure you will enjoy it too!


Inspired by the works of Piet Mondrian.
Exploring a range of media.

practical maths

We used Dienes to make two digit numbers.
using Numicon to solve problems
writing number sentences

This week (22.9.14) we have been learning about Helen Keller. After listening to a story about her life we had a go at writing a biography. We have also learnt about Louis Braille and how he invented the Braille system we still use, when he was only 15.

We wrote our names using the Braille alphabet, looked at a selection of 'Magic Key' books which contain Braille writing and tried to send a 'bell ball' round the circle with our eyes closed. We have had lots of fun!

Braille alphabet
We wrote messages in Braille.
Our names in Braille.
We tried to read the Braille writing.
Click on class pages to take a look at our amazing new clay tree!