Eco Council

Our awards

A little about us: 

Our Eco Council committee is made up of one pupil from each class and Mrs Makinson! We meet after school fortnightly and the children then have to feedback to their class with any action points. We also have some very supportive parents who help spread our message into the wider community. For example their is an eco representative on FOSSA and another who helps to coordinate the upkeep of the allotment. 


Academic year 2018/2019 

This year we were very proud to have achieved our Bronze award. The children on the Eco Council had to work hard to achieve this. We met every other Thursday after school and even held an assembly to explain to the rest of the school what we were doing well with and what we needed to get better at. Our Eco board is updated regularly. 


Academic Year 2019/20

Along with our very supportive parents we started the new academic year by building our very own allotment! Lots of parents, staff and pupils gave up their Saturdays to make this possible. We were also grateful to FOSSA who financially supported the project.





We then established a new Eco council committee and set to work on working towards our Silver Award. In the new year we are going to work alongside the teachers to ensure our curriculum reflects our aim of protecting the environment. 


This term we have worked really hard with the teachers to make sure that we are covering environmental issues in our curriculum. We have also just invested in some child friendly litter picks and couldn't believe how much rubbish we found. Mrs Holmes held an assembly to share with everyone how much rubbish we found and our star of the week was linked to looking after our environment. 


We were very pleased that we had worked so hard as it meant that we were able to receive our Silver award just before we finished for Easter. We shared with our parents, children and governors the good news and we are all very proud of ourselves. 



Academic Year 2020/21

This year our Eco-council has to run a little differently. All members are made up of Birch bubble but we are still spreading the word across the school. So far we have been to each year group bubble assembly to introduce ourselves and we have our new Eco board up and running. 

We are still meeting every other Tuesday and we have been very busy so far. We have our Strathmore Eco code which is: 

Please recycle your rubbish,

Please recycle your rubbish, 

Don't waste water,

Don't waste water,

Be kind to wildlife,

Be kind, Be kind 

Put it in the bin!


We will be teaching all the children this Eco code in assembly. We have also made signs and taken photos for each class to remind them that they should turn off the taps once they have finished and turn the lights off when they leave the classroom. During our meetings we will go and check to see if everyone has their photo displayed in the correct place! 

 We have kindly been lent some litter picks so that the whole class can take part in the litter pick at the same time. We hold litter pick Friday each week so we are keeping our local area clean and tidy. 




We are very proud to announce that we have managed to gain our Green Flag award. We have our flag pole at the ready and we are ever so excited for it to arrive! 

We are officially a Green Flag school!