Wraparound provision

At Strathmore we are very excited to be able to offer full wraparound provision to our pupils from September 2024. We currently provide provision from 7.45am to 8.45am as part of our breakfast club and we offer our Nursery pupils extended provision from 11.45am to 12.45pm. In September 2024, we will be extending our provision from 3.15pm to 5.45pm.


If your child attends any of our wraparound provisions, our school vision and values are embedded within these sessions and we continue to follow our school Behaviour and Safeguarding policies. 


The following information applies to all our wraparound provisions:


Free places

For any pupil who is entitled to free school meals, we offer one free session a week in one of our wraparound sessions of your choosing. Please speak to the school office for more information on eligibility and booking options. 


Booking conditions

We use Arbor to pay for all our wraparound provisions. Please note each provision requires parents and carers to pay a half term in advance. If payment is not made in advance, the space is not guaranteed and therefore will not show as allocated on the app. If you are unable to book on to the session, this is likely due to the session being full.

Each provision will have its own payment option on Arbor. 

For the after school provision, you may be able to book on the day as an emergency if you inform the school office by 2pm and they confirm there is a space available. Nursery lunch club would need to be confirmed before 9am and breakfast club would need to be confirmed the day before by 3pm. 

If you wish to cancel a session we require 48 hours notice.

For new Reception and Nursery parents who do not have access to Arbor yet, please complete this form to register your interest for any of our wrapround provisions. 


Payment deadlines for all wraparound provision sessions are as follows: 



Payment deadline

Autumn 1 – September to October

31st August 2024

Autumn 2 – November to December

25th October 2024

Spring 1 – January to February

20th December 2024

Spring 2 – February to April

15th February 2025

Summer 1 – April to May

5th April 2025

Summer 2 – June to July

24th May 2025


Childcare vouchers are accepted. We currently accept vouchers from the following providers:

  • Sodexo
  • Computershare
  • Child tax free account 
  • Care-4 Childcare

Please speak to the school office to register your provider if it is not shown here. 


Late fees

Please note late fees will apply for collection from our nursery lunch club and after school provision. If you are more than 10 minutes late to collect your child, you will be charged £10 per child for every additional 10 minutes. We will make allowances for extenuating circumstances.





How have we come to a decision on our offer?

We recently asked for parental feedback in relation to our wraparound provision and used the responses to create our offer. All of our discussions and plans are always centred around the children; they are the heart of our vision. A number of decisions were based on staffing availability and the safeguarding requirement to have a Designated Senior Person onsite whilst the wraparound provision is running. 

Upcoming key dates to be aware of for our after school wraparound provision. 

Booking opens on 3rd May 2024 via Google Forms.

Allocation of a space by 8th May 2024. This guarantees your child’s space until they leave Strathmore.

Payment for your child’s first half term’s attendance at our provision to be made by 24th May via Arbor. This will be available on Arbor from Wednesday 8th May.

New Reception parents will be informed of a space on or after 8th May after the booking form has been completed. After the 8th May, spaces can be confirmed by the school office within 48 hours.

Do I need to reapply for my place at the Strathmore After School provision every half term?

No. Once you have a place secured it will be for the entire time your child is at Strathmore. You will need to pay a half term’s fees upfront to ensure we can provide the necessary resources and staffing.


Can the after school session time be extended past 5.30pm?


As more parents since the initial consultation have requested a later end time to our wraparound provision, we have agreed to increase the end time to 5.45pm.

Please note, as a school our staffing is run differently to private companies or charities who solely provide childcare. We also have to consider the legal implications of extended working hours for our staff.

Can the breakfast club session time be earlier than 7.45am?

The club used to start at 8am and we amended this to 7.45am in 2022 following feedback. We review this annually and believe this offer is still suitable for the majority of our pupils.

Will you be prioritising spaces for siblings?

We will prioritise spaces for siblings who are a pupil of Strathmore school if the other sibling is already attending the Strathmore wraparound provision.

We appreciate collection from two settings may not be ideal, however, all of our parents and carers with siblings not attending wraparound provision do this at the end of each school day.

Will you offer sibling discounts?

No, there will be no discounts for siblings.

Why are you only offering this provision to Strathmore only children? 

As a new and exciting opportunity, we need to ensure we create a sustainable and achievable offer to our parents and carers. At this stage we are unable to offer a safe transport option for the number of pupils required to move between the schools. We do appreciate the difficulties this may cause but unfortunately we are unable to offer this option. We will review this annually.



What is the situation with Cookie Club, do they have places for my child?

Throughout the process we have been in discussion with Cookie Club. They are reviewing their own provision and working tirelessly to accommodate as many pupils as they can. We are working together to address child care issues and hope to be able to reassure parents and carers in the coming weeks.

As time goes on, we hope that natural movement of pupils from settings will establish a good intake and leavers system at both provisions.

Is my Reception or Year 1 child guaranteed a place?

We cannot guarantee places, however, we are prioritising places for current Reception and Year 1 before sending the offer to new Reception places as these are our current pupils.

Although this is not prioritising children who are currently attending Fun Club, it does provide these pupils with the chance to apply first. 

What about new children starting in Reception in September 2024? Will they have a space if the Reception and Year 1 pupils currently have priority and how do we book on?

Based on the recent feedback from parents and carers, we do not expect the take up from current Reception and Year 1 pupils to reach the full capacity of 48 children. We believe there will be enough places for new Reception pupils as well. This is of course staffing dependent.

After accepting a place at Strathmore, new Reception parents will need to pay via Arbor once they have completed their registration forms which will be emailed to you in the coming weeks. If you have been informed of an allocated space prior to this, it will be guaranteed for a set period of time until payment has been made. We will inform you of a deadline for payment once all upcoming administrative tasks for new pupils have been completed.

What are the staffing ratios and can you increase the number of children attending the wraparound provision?


The statutory guideline for wraparound provision is 1 adult to 8 children.

Nursery lunch club ratios are 1:13.

Our site could accommodate high numbers of children so long as we have the staff to support within ratio. We have currently based a cap of 48 pupils a day in our after school provision following the feedback in our consultation. This may be increased if we have more pupils wishing to attend and we can recruit the number of staff to support this. Until we have pupils signed up to the club we cannot guarantee this. As a totally new provision there is always a setting up process and the aspect of gathering data to ensure we can meet the needs of our community.

My child has SEND needs and I require wraparound care. Will you be able to accommodate them?


All children are welcome, we would want to ensure your child is safe and our staff can provide for them as required. Please register your interest and we will then invite you to an initial meeting or phone call to discuss your child’s needs, any training staff may be required to have, etc.

Can I sign my child up on the day to any of the wraparound provisions?


In exceptional circumstances, we may be able to book you on to the session on the day if you call before 2pm and there is a space.

For breakfast club you would need to email the day before by 3pm to ensure spaces are available.

For Nursery lunch club you would need to enquire by 9am on the day to ensure spaces are available.

Is my child entitled to a free session each week?

If your child is in receipt of pupil premium they are entitled to a free session. All pupils in our school are entitled to free school meals through the Universal Infant Free School Meals scheme, however, this is not the same as pupil premium entitlement. If you need clarification on whether your child is in receipt of pupil premium please contact the school office.

Why do we need to pay a half term in advance?


We ask that all of our wraparound clubs are paid a half term in advance to ensure we can safely staff our provision and purchase all resources and consumables needed.

If my child is attending a club and then they attend the wraparound provision, do we get a discount on our session costs?


As we need to ensure all sessions are fully staffed, we will need to employ members from 3.15pm regardless of whether your child is attending a club. Our staff will then collect your child from the club and bring them to our provision. We are therefore unable to offer a discount.

Why do you have late fees?

We will need to pay our staff to stay overtime if you are unable to collect your child on time. We appreciate at times circumstances can affect this and will take this into account, however, we will still need to pay our staff if they are waiting for parents and carers to collect.


Will the provision be called Fun Club?

The new after school wraparound provision doesn’t have a name yet as we want the children to come up with ideas for this. 

Why have you closed Fun Club and why are you taking it over?

We have not closed Fun Club, we have ended our hiring agreement with the club. We are unable to comment on Fun Club's decision to cease operations. Please raise your concerns regarding guarantees of Fun Club after school places with them directly.