Strathmore Restaurant

At Strathmore we encourage all children to take advantage of free schools meal (supplied by Herts catering) for the  following reasons:


  • It’s not always easy to make a lunchbox which packs in the same variety and nutrition, on a daily basis, as a school meal. Even ‘healthier’ favourites like yoghurts and cereal bars can be packed full of sugar. Our school meals meet the National School Food Standards, designed by leading experts in child nutrition, and mean that your child is getting the levels of energy and essential nutrients they need; research shows not all packed lunches meet these same standards.


Packed lunches can include:

  • at least one portion of fruit and one portion of vegetables every day
  • water (if they wish) water is available for all children on each table
  • a starchy food such as any type of bread (white or wholegrain rolls, pitta bread or wraps), pasta, rice, couscous, noodles
  • meat, fish, eggs, or a non-dairy protein (e.g. lentils, kidney beans, chickpeas, houmous, falafel) 
  • cakes or biscuit but encourage your child to eat these as part of a meal


Packed lunched should not include:

  • Nuts - we are a nut free school
  • Confectionery such as chocolate bars and sweets
  • Sugary soft drinks (only water should be supplied for children to drink)


You may like to look at the following website for some further support on what makes a healthy lunchbox:


Week 2-7th June                 TOMATOES














Chicken and sweetcorn Meatballs



Chicken Pie


Roast Beef with Yorkshire Pudding


Pasta Carbonara


Fresh Fillet Fingers

Savoury Rice


Diced Potatoes

Roast Potatoes or Wholemeal Pasta

Mixed Side Salad

Potato Wedges or Pasta


Veggie Mince Fajitas



Cheesy Spring Vegetable Bake


Beany Tomato Bolognaise

Quorn Hot Dog with Pasta

Cheese and Tomato Pizza

Tomato Rice

Tomato Juice


Tomato Bread Roll


Chocolate Banana Sundae

Fresh Fruit Wedges

Lemon Shortbread

Tomato soup cupcake/Fresh Fruit Jelly

Apple Muffin



Week 3-14th June                 Sweetcorn














Mild Chicken Curry



Beef Lasagne


Roast Chicken with Sage and Onion Stuffing


Pork Sausages with Gravy


Battered Fish Fillet


Borwn and White Rice


Mixed Side Salad


Roast Potatoes or Wholemeal Pasta


Potato Wedges


Low Fat Chips or Pasta


Vegetarian Balls with Savoury Rice

Quorn Pattie in a Bun with Diced Potatoes


Italian Pasta Bake


Sweet Potato Slice


Cheese and Tomato Pizza


Veg/sweetcorn Rice



Mexican Corn Salad


Sweetcorn Buns




Sweetcorn Relish


Mini Corn of the Cob


Sweetcorn Topped Pizza

Double Layer Mousse


Popcorn &Crispy Cake/Fresh Fruit Wedges


Peachy Crumble and Custard


Fresh Fruit Jelly


Chocolate Cookie


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