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Post (s) held Name Category Term of Office
Chair Mrs Susie Winstanley Co-Opted 16.10.18 - 15.10.22
Safeguarding Mrs Mary Deller Co-Opted 24.04.19 - 23.04.23
Health & Safety Mr Rob Stubbs Co-Opted 20.05.20 - 19.05.24
Chair, F&M Mr Graham Lamb Co-Opted 24.04.19 - 23.04.23
DPO Mrs Debbie Pal-Born Co-Opted 06.10.16 - 05.10.20
  Mr Gurpreet Rehal Co-Opted 16.10.18 - 15.10.22
  Dr Thomas Pike Co-Opted

29.01.19 - 28.01.23

Headteacher Mrs Bernadette Holmes Headteacher 01.09.09 - 
Staff Miss Theresa Burtenshaw Staff 08.10.18 - 07.10.22
Chair, C&P Mrs Helen Furnivall Parent 08.10.18 - 07.10.22
  VACANCY Parent  
GDC Mrs Laura Lester Parent 01.03.19 - 28.02.23
  Dr Oonagh McGill Parent 01.03.19 - 28.02.23
  VACANCY Parent  
  Mr Graham Tibbetts Parent 01.03.19 - 28.02.23
  VACANCY Local Authority  



Miss Mandy King Co-Opted 24.04.2015 - 23.04.2019
Mrs Natalie Green Parent 08.10.2018 - 
Ms Margaret Warren Local Authority 26.05.2016 - 25.04.2020


Each Governor has completed a Declaration of Pecuniary / Business Interests, held in a register and reviewed annually each September.  At each meeting Governors are asked declare any potential conflict of interest, which is minuted.  

What do School Governors do?

Board of Directors - School Governors are like a board of directors, who are there to make sure that the school provides the best possible education for all its pupils.


The Headteacher and Leadership Team manage the school on a day to day basis, but Governors look at the school in terms of planning ahead, checking that the school is running smoothly, ensuring standards are high and acting as a "critical friend".


Governors are not education experts - they leave that to the staff.  Governors come from many different sectors of the community and what they offer the school is a view from the world outside education.  The headteacher and staff welcome the support offered by Governors, which often covers management areas outside traditional educational expertise.


Why do people become Governors?

Governors are people who have an interest in education and want to get more involved in the life of the school.  Governors work as a team, in partnership with the Headteacher and staff.  They share decision making and they share responsibility.


Governing covers all aspects of school activities, including curriculum, finance, staffing, premises, discipline, communication and inspections.  Governors support the school, but also have other roles to play - monitoring, judging, mediating and determining changes to be made.  No individual has to bear these responsibilities alone though - they are the collective responsibility of the whole governing body.


Hertfordshire Governors are well supported by the School Governance team within the local authority.  There are training courses provided and the Governance unit offers advice on any situation that may arise.  The Headteacher and Clerk to Governors are also well placed to offer any guidance needed.


What do you need to become a Governor? - Enthusiasm, a willingness to learn, an ability to work with others and a bit of spare time!  There are no special qualifications required - more important is a commitment to achieving the best for the pupils at the school.


Contact our Governors

All enquiries made via this link will go directly to our Chair of Governors, Susie Winstanley

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