The information on this page applies under normal circumstances, when we are always pleased to welcome parents and volunteers who can help us in any way.  During the current Covid-19 pandemic, we are restricting all visitors to the school, including volunteers - more information will appear on this page as soon as we are able to revise these restrictions.


Some volunteers are able to make a regular commitment to come into school at a certain time of the week; others come as and when they can or join us on educational visits. Whatever you can offer, you are always welcome and appreciated.


We are currently working with our parent helpers to promote reading across the school. The parents are working in all classes hearing readers on a regular basis.


As we are committed to safe-guarding our pupils, all unsupervised parent helpers and volunteers must have current DBS clearance.

Nursery Drop In Sessions for 2023 are now available! Click "about us - admissions - nursery" to find out more.