Key Stage 1

Mad Scientists

Mad Scientists 1
Mad Scientists 2
Mad Scientists 3
Mad Scientists 4
Mad Scientists 5
Mad Scientists 6
Mad Scientists 7
Mad Scientists 8
Mad Scientists 9
Mad Scientists 10
Mad Scientists 11
Mad Scientists 12
Mad Scientists 13
Mad Scientists 14
Mad Scientists 15
Mad Scientists 16
Mad Scientists 17
Mad Scientists 18
Mad Scientists 19

Forest School

Forest School 1
Forest School 2
Forest School 3
Forest School 4
Forest School 5
Forest School 6
Forest School 7
Forest School 8

Outdoor maths

Outdoor maths 1
Outdoor maths 2
Outdoor maths 3

Key Stage 1: Years 1 and 2


The time spent in Years 1 & 2 is known as Key Stage 1 where the children embark on the National Curriculum.  Core subjects are English, Mathematics, Science:


English: In KS1, reading, writing and phonics are taught discretely every day. They will also be practised across the curriculum on a daily basis. Children are also expected to read at home each evening and have homework set each week. For more information see below.


Maths: Maths is also taught on a daily basis. Children’s understanding is supported with practical apparatus . In both Y1 and Y2, one maths session a week takes place outdoors using objects such as sticks, conkers and chalk to support, consolidate and extend the children's learning and understanding.


Science: Scientific enquiry is covered through a series of half-termly topics within the 3 areas of Life Processes and Living Things, Materials and Physical processes. All of these are looked at in practical situations relevant to the children’s age and experience, for example growing seeds or making and melting ice cubes.


Subsidiary subjects within the national curriculum include Art, Design & Technology, Geography, History, ICT (Information & Communication Technology), PSHE (Personal, Social & Health Education), RE (Religious Education) and PE (Physical Education).

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